Floor Sanding:

Floor sanding is the evening of the wood surface by sanding the whole surface using professionally-handled materials. Sanding your floors will remove imperfections on your wood’s surface and smooth the wood’s top surfaces – evening and covering the cracks and restoring its beauty.

Floor Refinishing

As it ages, hardwood flooring can get scratched and dull. But unlike other types of flooring, hardwood flooring can make a comeback. All you have to do is refinish it. Refinishing hardwood floors gives you the chance to completely restore old, damaged flooring. It also gives you the chance to change the color of your hardwood flooring with stain.

Benefits of Sanding and Refinishing:


Restore your floors back to the original wood's beauty while improve the floor's lifespan. Restoration can improves appearance of your floors while adding more value


 Maintain your home’s character, while being able to change your floor's appearance colors to how you want it to look.

Cost Effective

Providing easier maintenance and cleaning for your hardwood floors, making your space look new again, at affordable prices and eco-friendly products.


Your house is your home and your personal space. Create the dream look you've always wanted, with the comforts of knowing your are getting the best work at the best prices and safest products.