Repair and Restoration:

Hardwood floors add beauty, elegance, and value to a room. However, their original pristine and beautiful condition can fade and deteriorate over time from everyday use or certain areas of your floor may be in need of repair for safety and anesthetic reasons. When this happens, hardwood floor repairs and restoration can make your older, worn-down floor shiny, beautiful, and new again. Here at Craftsmen Standard Floors, we are dedicated to restoring hardwood floors to their original beauty with experienced methods while upholding a commitment to excellent service. 

Advantages of Repair and Restoration:


Restore your floors back to the original wood's beauty while improve the floor's lifespan. Restoration can improves appearance of your floors while adding more value


Repairing problem areas of your floors can create a seamless and beautiful final result, that will transform the holistic appearance of your floors at a low cost.


A damaged wood floor can lead to tripping hazards or injuries caused by ripped or protruding articles of flooring. These problems can be remedied by our experienced team of professionals


Your house is your home and your personal space. If your home has any imperfections, this may trouble you. Maintain dream look you've always wanted, with the comforts of knowing your are getting the best work at the best prices and safest products, utilizing repairs and restoration techniques.