Wood Panel

Durable, traditional, customizable.

Durable, stylish, moisture/stain resistant.

Bathroom Tiles

Longevity, durable, customizable, low maintaince.

Martini on Marble

Elegant, durable, increase in home value.

If you’re looking to bring a new, elegance into your home, let us guide you. The professionals at Craftsmen Standard Floor are available to help you find the wood flooring that fits your home’s style and your unique tastes. No matter what type of flooring you’re looking for, we will work with you to provide the best option available for you at a cost that you can afford with great customer service. You will be getting:

Years of professional experience

Experienced professionals 

Clean, beautiful and fast work

We offer professional experience in regards to installation of of all types of materials, including: 

All types of woods 

All types of designs and customizations




...and more

To learn more about our available options or to schedule a free consultation, please contact Craftsmen Standard Flooring today.